10 MBA Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the types of interview questions you are most likely to encounter in an interview to study for a Masters or MBA at a Business School.

1. Tell me about yourself - This does not mean tell me everything. It means tell me in a few sentences why you’re the most suitable candidate. Talk about your relevant education, experience, key results and achievements.

2. What do you see yourself doing in five years time?  - The reason an interviewer asks this question is to see whether you have given any thought to having a career as opposed to just finding a job. They want to know how ambitious you are and if you can think more long-term. A good reply is orientated toward growth and achievements.

3. What is your greatest strength? This is your chance to shine. You’re being asked to explain why you are great so don’t hold back and stay do stay positive. You could be someone who thrives under pressure, a great leadership or an amazing problem solver.

4. What is your greatest weakness? - You should select a weakness that you have been actively working to overcome. For example, I have had trouble in the past with time management. However, I’m now taking steps to correct this. I have been on a time management course, have been making to do lists and learned effective delegation techniques. It’s best to void a generic answer like “I’m a perfectionist” and chose a weakness that’s not too serious.

5. What was your biggest disappointment? - If you feel you haven’t failed at anything, then you can say so. If you can think of an example, ensure it’s not a disastrous one and try to turn it into a positive. For example, if you were working on a project that was behind deadline, explain to the interviewer how you adjusted the workload and the deadlines to get back on track.

6. What accomplishment are you most proud of? - The secret to this question is being specific. Think of the qualities the Business School is looking for and develop an example that demonstrates how you can meet their needs.

7. What would your friends say about you? - This question gives you the opportunity to use flattering words to describe yourself. Describe yourself as hard working, sociable, positive, creative. Remember you will have to back up your words with examples of why they have said this.

8. Tell me about a time when you communicated effectively? - The interviewer is looking for an example of a situation in which you used your communication skills effectively. They are not necessarily asking for a work based situation and the key is the word ‘effectively’.

9. Give me an example of teamwork - Focus on your openness to diversity of backgrounds. Talk about your role in the team, the types of people you like to work with and how you handled team conflict.  

10. Do you have anything additional to add? - If this is the last question asked, use it to reiterate the positive things you’ve already said and to clarify any previous answers or if you feel you’ve missed mentioning any important skills or experience.

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